Best Bail Bonds in Shreveport and Caddo Parish.

At Bail-ey Bonds our goal is always on you. We have built our agency on great customer service, available to you any time of day or night. Shreveport is our home and the people from here or even those who are just passing through are treated like a part of the family. Building on that foundation is what makes us the provide the best bail bonds in Shreveport and Caddo Parish. You just need to call us at 318-221-8828 so we can better serve you during any time of need.

Years of experience have made us better and better and we are constantly improving in any way we can. We also offer services like payment plans to help you better manage the bail bond fee. As well as our own smartphone app to help you stay in touch with us much easier than ever before. The checking in process with Bail-ey Bonds through the app helps you reach us over your phone for free, call us, send us messages, and take pictures of any documents you may need to send to us. On top of all that you can also make payment through the app. Everything is much easier with the app and you won’t find anyone else with our unique creation.

Why Us?

Bail Bonds are an American right and we all know how hard it is these days for most people to pay the full bond amount. We are here to help you manage the burden of that. Innocent until proven guilty has to wait until the court hearing has happened. Sometimes that can be a very long time for a person to spend in jail before they can even try to prove their innocence. That time can be better spent focusing on themselves, family, friends, and the better things in life.

Our focus is always on you and those close to you. Being available in many different ways is how we do that. The truth is people never know when they will need bail bond assistance, but when those times do happen, we are there. Our many customers over the years rely on us for a reason. Just like you can count on us to be there. The top bail bonds agency in Shreveport and Caddo Parish is right here at Bail-ey Bonds.